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How not to do it. 

What a useless iOS 8 widget by LinkedIn. Embarrassing really.

How not to do it.

What a useless iOS 8 widget by LinkedIn. Embarrassing really.

Feedback on my Flipboard magazines


My eight magazines on Flipboard, including “Stylin’”, have over 180,000 readers and almost 40,000,000 page flips. These are incredible numbers and engagement, Flipboard has built an amazing platform for curators to share content and build an audience.

I’m flipping this blog post into each of my magazines, I want to find out from both Tumblr and Flipboard users about how you want to see these magazines evolve. Are you enjoying the content, do you want to see something else?

I’d like to hear your feedback so please leave a comment.

Thanks for flipping! 

Back to the future


This is what the iPhone 6 will look like, based on reports from Macrumors and Feld & Volk. The design harkens back to the original iPhone, which was my favourite industrial design of the iPhone. 

My money, Apple. Take it.

Getting help


“The loneliest people are the kindest.

The saddest people smile the brightest.

All because they do not wish to see

anyone suffer the way they do.”

- Unknown

I was deeply saddened to hear the news of Robin Williams passing. Someone who made us laugh and cry and experience the beautiful depth of human emotion.

Depression still has a lot of stigma. Depression demands attention. Like addiction, it needs to be taken seriously. 

When you have depression yourself, it’s difficult to really think of it as a disease, or something that you need to address like an illness. It’s just an all-encompassing black sludge that flows through your veins and occupies every nook and cranny of your being.

It gives you physical pain. You lose your sense of direction. You don’t recognise who you are. All the positive experiences in your life are clouded while every negative is amplified. Everything is annoying. Everything hurts.

Unfortunately, those that need help find it difficult to ask for it. It’s embarrassing. Also, you’re not sure if actually need help, or where to turn.

It’s important to try to think of yourself from an outsider’s view, if you were your own friend, would you help you? If so, don’t think about it just get help. There’s always a friend, a doctor, a parent, a phone line. 

No one is walking around with a sign on their head saying “I’m depressed”. If you suspect something is up with a friend, colleague or acquaintance, asking “are you ok” goes a long way.

It can be survived, if you are willing to help yourself or someone else.

This month’s Wired cover is pretty spectacular, and it looks like it could be a great issue too.

This month’s Wired cover is pretty spectacular, and it looks like it could be a great issue too.

Impoverished cocoa farmers in Ivory Coast taste chocolate for the first time.

I love this video.

Apple + IBM

Apple and IBM today announced a partnership to help the companies deploy business-specific apps and devices to corporate business.

How times have changed since Apple’s famous 1984 ad when the company famously called out IBM for becoming Big Brother. Ofcourse since then, IBM have moved away from the consumer tech business almost completely and are now solely focused on corporate solutions.

This also puts the final nail in the coffin for Blackberry, just in case there was someone that thought they still had any chance to regain marketshare.

Help me make an app, to help people manage anxiety

I don’t normally make requests like this on my blog, but of late I have been working on ideas for an app to help people relieve themselves of negative thinking and anxiety. I have attached a PDF of a basic tree diagram of a potential user flow based on proven cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness techniques. 


Download a PDF of the proposed user journey based on the ABC model.

While there are some great meditation apps in the App Store, I have not found a suitable app that can help with cognitive behaviour therapy focusing on the ABC technique. Some of the apps I found look like they were designed in a spreadsheet in 1998. 

I have decided to initially focus on an iOS mobile app as opposed to a web, Android or desktop experience due to accessibility and potential marketing reasons, and it’s the platform I am personally most comfortable working in. 

I believe we can make a more engaging experience to help every day people in managing their anxiety.

Eventually I would like to sell this app in the App Store with all proceeds going to groups such as Beyondblue and the Black Dog Institute.

Before putting this out there on Kickstarter I need a designer and iOS app developer to help me prototype this concept. If this is a topic that speaks to you, or you’ve had friends or relatives suffer from anxiety, depression, addiction and other self-defeating behaviour, then you may want to get involved.

If you are not a designer or developer but want to get involved in some way, please get in touch too. 

Spreading the word and sharing this to friends on social media would be really appreciated. Feel free to reblog if you’re on Tumblr!

Get in touch with me on email:

Or Twitter: @ppetrovski

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